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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Women eaten by crocodiles

There are many facts about the death of the Minahasa woman who was ravaged by a crocodile named Deasy Tuwo.
The fact mentions Deasy Tuwo, a Minahasa woman who was torn by a crocodile while feeding the wild animal.

Besides that there are some other surprising facts about the death of Deasy Tuwo, the Minahasa woman who was ravaged by crocodiles.

The death of this 44-year-old woman stirred the public and became viral on social media.
Deasy Tuwo was found lifeless after being devoured by a 5-meter-sized crocodile which was kept in his place of work, namely at a pearl nursery company named CV Yosiki. Deasy was found at the scene on Friday (1/11/2019) at 8:45 a.m. with a condition that was apprehensive.
CV Yosiki is a Japanese pearl nursery company named Mr. Ochiai located in Ranowangko Village, Tombariri sub-district, Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi.

1. The body was found floating in a crocodile pool
Erling Rumengan that morning (1/11/2019) was indeed looking for the whereabouts of Deasy Tuwo, the head of CV Yosiki's laboratory.
He searched with a colleague to all areas of the company, but inside no one was found.
But when they looked at the crocodile's pool, they saw something floating that resembled a human body.
Erling was very surprised to find the condition of the body of Deasy.
"We were curious when we looked at the crocodile pool, there was a floating object, it was Deasy's body. We were afraid to touch it and report the incident at the Tombariri Police Station," Erling said.

2. The condition of Deasy Tuwo's body
The condition of the Deasy's body after being torn by a crocodile is no longer intact.
The bodyguard named Maikel Mokodompit said he was shocked to find the body he was bathing in was a victim of a crocodile.
Maikel said that the victim's body was almost eaten by crocodiles, with only a head and two legs left.
Even the two hands were swallowed by the crocodile.
"It's possible the crocodile jumped from the side. Maybe it's because it's still full, so it doesn't eat until it's finished," he said.

3. Permission to maintain wildlife is still being investigated by the police
Citizens really cannot arbitrarily maintain wild animals and must have permission from the authorities.
"There must be permission, there are rules governing it. It cannot be arbitrary," said Hendrik Rundengan, North Sulawesi BKSDA personnel on Friday (1/11/2018).
On this matter, the police are still looking for the existence of the owner of the crocodile, the company leader.
Because when the employee died being eaten by crocodiles, Mr. Ochiai is not there.
"We are still looking for the owner of the crocodile, besides that we have coordinated with the Camat and the old law," said Raswin Sirait, Tomohon Police Chief.

4. The crocodile likes fresh food
These crocodile foods include chicken, tuna and tuna.
According to Merry, everything must be fresh because the crocodile does not want to eat if the food has been frozen or has died a few days.
"Everything must be fresh, he doesn't want to eat if it's frozen or has died a few days," he continued.
According to Merry, the possibility of Deasy's death was two days after the incident because there were no witnesses who saw it.

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