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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Gojek Customer Service Go-Jek

gojek customer services

Gojek Costumer Service 

Customer : +62 21-50251110
Driver      : +62 21-50233200

What is Gojek

is an online transportation service that is connected to your mobile device at an affordable cost and good service.


Visit : gojek 
Contacting a GO-JEK call center might be the first thing to think about when you have questions, complaints, complaints or complaints about GO-JEK services. In addition to contacting through a call center telephone number, you might also think of contacting GO-JEK customer service via a CS email address and social media account. However, now you can directly search for answers to questions, complaints, complaints, and service complaints that you experience by accessing the "help" menu at the bottom of the application. You only need to follow the steps that have been directed by your Gojek application.

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