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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Indonesia Wood Furniture "wood from Indonesia is the best for your home furniture"

indonesia woods

Intro Indonesia Woods

Wood is a construction material that has long been used in buildings. Good for simple home buildings to luxurious level buildings. There are various advantages of wood materials for building materials, wood can be used as frames, window bars, glass supports, and so on. For a minimalist home design you can also use wood material. 

Kinds of Indonesia Woods

Indonesia has a good variety of wood and the ideal quality is used for building materials. Here are some choices of wood that you can use for your building.

1. Teak Wood ( Kayu Jati )

teak wood

Teak wood is very famous for its beauty, strength and stability. This wood is the main choice as building material. Teak wood is also resistant to fungi, termites and other insects. So that teak is highly sought after and expensive. Teak wood should be finished with materials that highlight the strength of the wood so that the fiber and wood texture are clearly visible in its beauty.

2. Merbau Wood

merbau wood
Merbau wood thrives in Indonesia and is now one of the most popular woods for use in buildings. Wood texture that is quite hard and stable is used as an alternative to teak wood. This wood is very suitable to be used as a buffer and roof of the house. This wood is also quite expensive because it has almost no weaknesses. Merbau wood is usually finished with dark melamine.

3. Kamper Wood

kamper wood
This wood has a distinctive aroma which is called camphor wood. The advantages are strong against insects and lighter than teak. The price is also relatively more affordable with fine and beautiful wood fibers. Usually camphor wood is used as material to make doors and windows in standard sizes. Cannot be used in sizes that are too high or wide because they can expand if used for a long time.

4. Bangkirai Wood

bangkire woood
Is one of the timber groups that is quite strong and durable. This wood is often used as a heavy construction material such as wooden roofs. Bangkirai wood is also resistant to weather so it is suitable for use in exterior areas.

5. Coconut Wood

coconut wood
Coconut is very easy to find in Indonesia and is used as a new alternative wood source. Coconut wood that can be used is that which is already 60 years old and above, which is no longer producing so it must be cut down and replaced with a new tree. Coconut wood is easily used as a beam so it is suitable for use as a roofing pillar. The most famous is the coconut tree from Sulawesi, which is dark brown.

6. Red Meranti Wood

meranti wood
Divided into meranti in deep red and pink, both are equally good as building materials. This wood is sensitive enough so it is not recommended to be used for exterior or outdoor.

There are many options for you to determine which type of wood you will use. All right as you like

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