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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Why you spend more money on supermarkets ?

Have you ever shoppoing on supermarkets ?

Have you ever gone to a supermarket to buy some items but went home with full groceries? don't be surprised, because everything in the supermarket was designed to arouse the desire of agan as a buyer to make more transactions

So, try to be more vigilant with tricks that supermarkets often do so you can be wiser in spending.
Next Supermarket Tricks to Accompany You to Shop More:

1. Shopping cart is one trick to make more shopping

This innovative product in 1938 was designed to make shoppers enter large-sized items and make more shopping.

Without realizing it, the bigger the cart, the greater the desire to spend more. Research shows that the bigger the basket or shopping cart, the more consumers spend.

2. Fragrant products placed in the front area is one trick to make more shopping

Products that have attractive fragrances, such as toast or fresh flowers, are often placed in the front area of ​​the supermarket. This is done in the hope that the buyer will breathe the pleasant aroma before shopping.

3. Important products behind are one of the tricks to make more shopping

The main products that are sought after, such as milk and basic necessities, are often placed at the back of the supermarket. The goal is for shoppers to pass through many product aisles and shelves before reaching them. The more often you see a product, the easier someone is tempted.

4. Products placed At the right height is one trick to make more shopping

If you notice, supermarket shelves have more or less the same shape and height. Generally, the average eye level of shoppers is a well-known product and gives more profit to the store. Usually, large-sized foods are at the bottom of the shelf, top healthier products, and so on. So, don't forget to check in another layer for the most appropriate choice.

5. Products in the Cashier Area are one trick to making more shopping

Where you wait for the line is the most profitable area. Here, buyers get the longest exposure to small products. Generally, this product is not on the shopping list.

No need to be afraid to shop at the supermarket, but it is recommended to be wiser and more economical by preparing a shopping list of needs before being tempted to buy items that are not necessarily needed.

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